8 comments on “How to Integrate Wwise into Unity

    • Hey Yeap.

      Sorry that it took so long to get back to you. Please know and understand that this blog is NOT abandoned! I’ve just gotten extremely busy in life and it fell very low on my list of priorities. Much of the reason I started this blog was to start showing what I know so that employers might take me more seriously. I’m not looking so much for employment these days, so other things started taking over.

      I want you to also know that part of the reason I stopped posting was because I felt like nobody was actually reading the blog anyway. So thank you! I appreciate your encouragement and I think you’ll be pleased to know that I’ll soon be back into Wwise after I get back on the FMOD horse and delve into the new Unity and Wwise versions! A lot has been released since I’ve last posted!

      If there’s any questions you have in specific, please message me back, or send me an email to Hello@ChrisPrunotto.com! I’ll answer and explain as best I can! 🙂

      — Chris


  1. Chris this is very useful and I’d love to see what you have to show regarding the updates to Wwise, especially with Unity 5 on the horizon. I’m honestly just curious if there is any way to integrate now without a Pro version of Unity (i’m working on a demo for my audio reel).


    • Hey Adam!

      Thanks for the kind words. It’s definitely been a lot longer than anticipated to knock out the final FMOD tutorial or really begin really digging into Wwise in earnest. I’ve been busy and thankfully the delay has not been for the wrong reasons.

      As for integrating Wwise with Unity, so far as I’m aware, you absolutely need a Pro license. A Unity rep, unofficially of course, mentioned offhand that a crafty use could theoretically find a way to sign up for the free trial ad infinitum. What I do personally is use my old colleges computers at the open labs to learn on and then when I’m ready and have a personal project to work on, I sign up for the $75 a month Unity subscription service.

      I would not hesitate, though, to email Unity Technologies about seeing if they can hook you up with a cheap educational license or student discount or whatever might be applicable to you.

      Good Luck Adam!
      And please let me know how it goes and what you come up with.

      — Chris


  2. Thanks for posting this, Chris! It really helped me out – and as an update I was able to do the steps and integrate Wwise into the regular Unity 4 download and I am pretty sure I am not paying for a Pro licence. Maybe I am in some sort of a free period…not sure about that…but anyway thanks for the post, I really appreciate it!

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    • Very glad to hear it’s working out dude! I’m fairly certain that you’re taking advantage of the Unity Pro free trial, but if not, that’s excellent and welcome news that unity and Wwise cam work together even with a free license now! Please let me know if it reverts or such.

      All the best
      — Chris


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